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Transcend USB key - write protection error

For the users of Transcend, a simple step-by-step protocol needs to be followed for removing the write protection. It is required to simply go to the Transcend download centre and download the 'mFormat' utility. To do this, the model number being searched for is typed, and this is followed by providing other details regarding the type of product being searched. It is then required to search for the concerned product from the search list, followed by downloading the 'mFormat' utility. If the serial number is unknown, 1456784523 must be used as an alternative. The pen drive then needs to be connected and 'mFormat' utility needs to be run after selecting the 'full format' option, thereby removing the write protection.

Steps to remove write protection for Transcend users:
  • 1) Go to the download centre of the Transcend, here is the link:
  • Type the model no. or part of model number you are looking for.
    • example: JFV30 (all letters in Caps)
  • 2) Choose other details like product type etc. and search for your product.
  • 3) Then select the product which which is most similar to yours from the search results.
  • 4) Then download the mFormat utility. You will asked for a serial number. If you don't have one, enter this no.: 1456784523
  • 5) Connect your pen drive
  • 6) Run the mformat utility and select full format.
  • 7) After full format your write protection will be removed (try several times if needed).

Thanks to Ambucias for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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