Installation of firewall Zone Alarm

April 2018

When connected to the internet or to a network, the risk for a computer to get infected is more possible. Many data files are sent by hackers in order to depict computer connected. In this way, they detect vulnerability of and way to access the computer.

This is one of the main purpose of installation a firewall in view to protect a computer from network intrusions.(or protecting a local network of attacks from the Internet).

Also, a firewall can control access to network applications on the machine. Moreover Trojans can open a breach in the system to allow for ownership of the remote machine by a hacker. The firewall identifies suspicious connections of the machine and even prevents attack.

ZoneAlarm is a personal free firewall for protecting constantly a machine on network. It is very simple to configure and installed and its high level of protection is recognized by the protection of personal computers.


Download ZoneAlarm on below link:


Configure ZoneAlarm Firewall

  • Double-click the ZoneAlarm icon in the System Tray
  • Click on Firewall
  • Click on the Zones tab…You will notice you own computer's IP Address listed as in the Trusted Zone.
  • Now:

Click on Add>> button and select Subnet
In the Local Zone Properties dialogue box, click Add then Subnet...

In the Trusted Zone specify:

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Description CS Trusted
  • Click OK

It is suggested that you then also add the Computing Service internal network.
  • Click Add >>, Subnet

In the Trusted Zone specify

IP Address

Subnet Mask

Description CS Internal
  • Click OK
  • Then finish off:
  • Click Apply to reconfigure ZoneAlarm
  • Exit ZoneAlarm but leave it running.
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