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Process Explorer replaces the Task Manager

Task Manager v/s Process Explorer

It is well known that the Task Manager is a tool that pops up when the commands "CTRL+ALT+DEL" are pressed at the same time. The Task Manager has many advantages but sometimes does not allow the user to process the tasks that are needed right away. For example, if you are in the middle of a program and what to stop it from running right away, the Task Manager might sometimes not respond and tell you that the program needs to be closed and cannot be halted in mid-way. If this is the kind of program that can infect your computer, this type of hassle can put your computer at risk afterwards.

What is Process Explorer

Process Explorer is a program that allows the user to track down DLL-version issues or to deal with the leaks, and give the user a quick view on the way Windows' applications run.

Advantages of Process Explorer

Process Explorer also provides you with much more options, from a query option from the Process Library itself and even sends files that you suspect to be infected to the VirusTotal for a scanning. There is much more autonomy using this program that the classic Task manager.

One other advantage of Process Explorer is the capacity to go into the details of each and every program that is running. The right click is enabled for any program that is open within the program and you can direct everything from a single program (you would normally need to have several programs open to be able to so this but this one is focused into one). You will manage all the programs yourselves and decide which one should still run or halted on time.

The screenshots below will give you an overview about the different features of Process Explorer.

System Explorer

System Explorer is among the best utility tools that Microsoft has proposed so far. As mentioned above, System Explorer is where you will be able to browse for the programs in details with the use of the right click.





Opened Files


IE Addons





System Snapshots

You can easily make snapshots from the program itself, of the different errors and problems that you can face up with the programs at hand. By the use of the screenkshot command found on the taskbar, you can easily take the screenshots of your choice that can even be sent online.


To resume the features of process explorer :
  • Hierarchical display of processes.
  • Allows you to display icon and company name of each process.
  • Monitor CPU activity in graph in (real-time)the task bar.
  • Allows you to Suspend selected process.
  • An entire Process Tree can be killed.

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