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Lynx is a free open source based on LINUX and UNIX Internet browser and is text-based and will not display picture files or videos but can provide users with another external link for such purposes. It has been designed by some students of the University of Kansas in the US. It can be also used on Windows and MAC.
  • Lyxn has gained in popularity for its special text-to-speech feature among users with no/ diminished eyesight.
  • Because it does not required graphics loading, the web browser is very fast compared to its other opponents.
  • Also, it can hence be compatible with older hardware or operating systems.

If you have a Linux operating system, you should by default have this internet browser installed on your computer. If you do wish to install it though, you can get it : here
Even if you are no computer expert, don't worry it is really simple to use Lynx. To launch, simply enter the command below:

 lynx <the_desired_ url>  

Once the browser is displayed, you can now select the links that are displayed in green and to press the right arrow key once you select on of them. To be able to move from a page to another, you can make use of a rapid shortcut; the spacebar.

Shortcut Command
  • / Searches the page for a user-defined search string
  • Ctrl-R Reloads current page
  • (*): Re-renders the page, this time including a link for each image
  • \: Toggles between HTML source code and output
  • P: Prints or saves a file or page to disk
  • X : Requests uncached copy of page
  • A: Adds a new bookmark
  • L: Lists all URLs in the current document
  • Ctrl-A :Jumps to the beginning of the current page
  • Ctrl-E :Jumps to the end of the current page
  • j: Jumps to URLs using previously defined shortcuts
  • m : Jumps to home page
  • ! : Spawns a command shell
  • = : Provides detailed information about the current URL and current link, including the owner, size, last modification date, and server type
  • Ctrl-T: Toggles trace mode for diagnosing HTML errors
  • Backspace: Displays browser history
  • V : Displays sequential list of previously visited pages, excluding forms and bookmarks
  • Ctrl-K : Displays list of currently set cookies
  • e : Launches editor to modify local files


New Version Available here: http://lynx.isc.org/lynx2.8.6/index.html

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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