Desktop ini problem


What is the function of this code and how can I manage or generate this types of codes?
If I delete this code in desktop.ini file will my selected picture appear on my folder background or not? If I create a Desktop.ini file in my computer and share it with others so will it work on others computers or not?



Desktop.ini doesn't manage pictures or backgrounds. From what I've read (which MAY be wrong), desktop.ini manages layouts, such as sorting order, whether your viewing your icons as tiles, thumbnails, etc.
  • The file Thumbs.db manages and stores thumbnails of images which can be cleared up with CCleaner or windows cleaner.
  • The code looks like the hexadecimal alphabet. Putting this code on another computer, I assume, would ONLY work if you have the same folder location and items in that folder.
  • vista.ultimate.64
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