Excel - Round to nearest integer

April 2018


I have a table in Excel 2010 or I would round up to whole number.
Example: If if have 15.01 it must be rounded to 16.


We should therefore use =ROUND(cellule,numbers_to_be_rounded)

If you have 3.141597 in cell A1:
=ROUND(A1,0) gives 3 as a result   
=ROUND(A1,1) gives 3.1 as result   
=ROUND(A1,2) gives 3.14 as a result   
=ROUND(A1,3) gives 3.142 as a result

etc ...

And for rounding up:
=ROUND(A1+1,0) gives 4 as a result

and with the transitivity of the addition
=ROUND(A1,0)+1, also gives 4 as a result

Thanks to Bruce Willix for this tip.
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