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WPA / WEP forgotten or lost?

This document discusses WPA (WiFi Protected Access) and enables you to find a lost WPA key.
It is impossible to connect to your wireless network if you lose the WEP key. To resolve this, you can change the access point of the router. You can achieve this by changing the WEP key or by resetting the WiFi router according to the steps mentioned in the article.


If you cannot connect to your wireless network because you have forgotten the WEP key or WPA, you can solve it by changing your access point or WiFi router. If wireless is working on one computer you can use this programme to display the key. Wireless Key Viewer.

Change the WEP key

  • The first solution requires you to connect to the WiFi router.
  • To do this, open the browser and connect to or
  • In the menu, go to the security tab and change the key to secure your WiFi.

Reset WiFi router

  • If you also have forgotten the password to your WiFi router, the first solution is to try the ID and default password as specified in the router's documentation.
  • If it does not work, reset your access point or your WiFi router with the help of default settings. To do this, see your hardware documentation. On almost all routers, there is a small hole for resetting the router.

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