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GOOGLE-nginx-404 error

Sometimes, the Google homepage may not open and instead show a nginx 404 Google error. Users may be unable to access Google and Youtube. This problem occurs because of a hidden Trojan that affects the HOST file of a computer whose security has been compromised. Norton Power Eraser can help to solve the problem when users cannot open Google because of the nginx error. Another way to solve the nginx 404 Google error is to use commands to restore affected files to their original or working versions. Once the corrupted files are set right, Google or Youtube can be accessed again.


When trying to access a website, the following error message appears:
404 not found error nginx   

The reason for this could be that the host file has been hijacked.


  • For XP:
    • Click Start > Run and type:
  • For Vista and 7:
    • Click Start and type cmd in the search field
    • Right click and select Run as Administrator
  • Then enter these commands one by one (press enter after every command):
  • Command 1:
    • cd c:\windows\system32\drivers\etc   
  • Command 2:
    • cacls hosts /p everyone:f   
  • Press Y then Enter

Note: There are cases when you may get an error: 'The system cannot find the file specified'.
The reason for this is that your host's file may have been deleted and your computer may use a backup file called hosts.old or hosts.backup which may have been hijacked.In such cases you are advised to replace hosts with hosts.old in every command.
  • Command 3:
    • attrib hosts -s -h -r   
  • Command 4:
    • notepad hosts   
    • This command pops up a notepad, now remove unwanted entries below this line       localhost              -XP             
 ::1             localhost              -vista and windows 7   

Note that

  • 1) Some people are recommending combo fix to remove this trojan. Never use combo fix for this issue, if you don't know what you are doing. It should not be used without supervision.
  • 2) Norton power eraser is another tool which solves this issue: http://security.symantec.com/nbrt/npe.aspx?lcid=1033
  • 3) Microsoft Fixit will not help with this problem

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