WIFI integrated activation hotkeys on laptop computer

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Most laptop manufacturers provide a shortcut to activate the integrated WiFi which may involve pressing a combination of keys. Almost all laptops in recent times have come with built-in the WiFi support. To save power, the WiFi integrated supply can be deactivated when the wireless network is not in use. Activation and deactivation of WiFi can be done manually or through the provided software interface. Considerable power savings can be achieved by using the WiFi integrated activation feature on laptop computers. As most laptops have the feature which can be implemented at the press of a button, it can be used frequently.

WIFI integrated activation on laptop computer

On a laptop computer, there are features that allow you to save energy including activating and deactivating inbuilt WiFi.

Below is a list of models where there are shortcuts for these features:


  • Aspire 16xx: The button depicting an antenna
  • Aspire 3005: Below the keyboard at the edge of the cover, on the right
  • Aspire 5612: Slide on/off at the front
  • Aspire 9302: The button on the left of the laptop, surrounded by blue
  • Aspire 94xx: The button under num lock


  • Press FN and F2 together


  • Press FN and F2 together


  • Long press the large button above the keyboard

Fujitsu Siemens

  • Slide marked "Wireless" on the front right side.
  • Series Amilo: FN and F2 together.
  • Amilo Xi1546: Slide button on the front.
  • "Non Amilo" Series: On/off button below the touchpad


  • Cinema 16100: FN + F1


  • T43: FN + F5

HP Pavilion

  • DV series: The button above the keyboard in the centre with a picture of an antenna
  • ZD series: Above the "Num lock" button with a picture of an antenna
  • HP Pavilion 9212EA (under Vista): The button on the front, on the left.


  • FN or FN + F1 + F2 or FN + F11 depending on the model


  • The button with a picture of an antenna near the power button

Packard Bell

  • Easynote W7730: The front button, on the left, depicting an antenna
  • Easynote B3600: FN + F1


  • X54: The button depicting an antenna near the power button, or FN + F2


  • The blue button in the middle of the keyboard

Sony Vaio

  • The slide button marked "WLAN"


  • A100-078: A slide on the right & FN + F8
  • M40 & M70: The front button depicting an antenna
  • M60-181 & R200: The button on the right side
  • Qosmio: The button on the left side
  • R200: The button near the screen, on the right side
  • P200: The button on the front left
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