Automatic movement of an object on a Powerpoint slide

April 2018

Microsoft office software provides a full featured desktop presentation program called Microsoft Powerpoint. The Powerpoint office software application has graphic tools, custom animation features, sound tools, visual effects, slide transitions, etc. A presentation is a collection of slides related to a particular topic which can be shown during a discussion or as a continuous background show. Adding movements to the objects in your slides controls the flow of information and keeps viewers interested. You need to insert an image on the slide and go to custom animation to add movements to your objects. It is also possible for you to change the speed of the object on your slide.


This trick allows the automatic movement of an object on a slide.


  • Putting the desired image in the background</gras>: right click on the slide/Background, /Grounds and textures/ images.
  • Select an image, you must now select the photo, then Insert /click on Apply
  • Inserting the moving object: Insert/ Picture/From File and Insert. It must then be set to the size you want.

  • Creating the path that will taken by the object: Right click on the object and then Custom *Animation, Add Effect, Trajectory, draw a custom free form course. It is also possible to change the speed of this object by going to the speed tab to the right of the screen.
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