Windows Phone 7 - Adding/removing Tiles to the Home screen

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Here's some simple tips to manage your Tiles, under Windows Phone 7.

To add a Tile

  • From the Homescreen tap on the Application Menu key (small arrow pointing to the right)
  • Select the Application of your choice (Touch and hold)
  • A small menu shall appears just below the selected entry , tap on "Pin to Start"
  • The new tile shall appear at the bottom of the homescreen , you can move it accross as follows:
    • Touch and hold the tile
    • Drag and drop it to the location of your choice.

To remove a Tile from the Homescreen

To remove a Tile from the Homescreen:
  • Touch and hold the Tile > A small menu will be displayed
  • Simply tap on the "Unpin" icon.

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