Excel - A Macro to insert data in specific cells


I'm trying to write a macro in Excel for inserting input text to a specified cell. I have already an InputBox specifying the text to be put in and an inputbox specifying which row to insert the data. The data always needs to be inserted in the same column.
  • For instance:
    • First I would like to insert the text, Budget, into cell B5. Afterwards I need to insert the text, Report, into cell B11 (in both cases the rows 5 and 11 are newly inserted. Thats why I use the Inputbox).
    • So I need some code on how to select these different cells based on the inputboxes.


Try this code:
Sub test()  
iText = InputBox("What text?")  
iRow = InputBox("Which row?")  

Cells(iRow, 2).Value = iText  
End Sub

Thanks to TrowaD for this tip.
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