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PC suite for the LG X330

People who own an LG X330 mobile handset which does not come with a PC suite already provided can resolve their problem by downloading a telephony application file that helps in setting up the connection between the mobile phone and a computer. http://csmg.lgmobile.com:9002/client/app/B2CAppSetup.exe is the link from where this telephony application for LG X330 mobiles can be downloaded. Launching of the update option for LG mobile is done on the desktop after one has successfully completed the downloading and installation. Once the icon is launched on the desktop, the country and language option is selected as India, after which the customer support tab is selected. Then the Manual and USB driver option is selected wherein the IMIE number, model number and the serial number is given to download the PC suite.


I have an LG X330 phone. There was no PC Suite provided with the phone. Where can I get the PC Suite and device drivers for my phone?


  • Download this and install from this Link.
  • Do not connect your mobile to a PC yet
  • After installing, launch LG mobile update icon on the desktop
  • Now go to options & help - country and language - change the country to India
  • Now click on customer support tab - select application, manual & USB driver option
  • Enter either your IMEI, or select LGX330 from mobile model & S/N of your mobile and download the PC Suite

Thanks to sundar7701 for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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