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The sponsored links (Google AdWords, AdSense, etc.).

Sponsored links

You want to launch a advertisemment campaign on the web, increase traffic of your website: listings are a simple and effective. With a sponsored link, your site is immediately visible at the top of search engines.

The principle of this type of online advertising

Also called sponsored links or promotional links, sponsored links are a form of online advertising. They are present on all major search engines (google, yahoo, msn).

These links appear in search engines:
  • Above the "natural results" in another color.
  • Or on the right side of the page.

Designed in the form of text, sometimes an image or video, these ads appear when the user does a search based on a keyword-targeted ad. Keywords are the words that the user types into the search engine to access information or services associated with that keyword.


Through sponsored links:
  • Your positioning in search engines improves the visibility and increase traffic of your site
  • Thanks to Google AdSense, your announcement (ad)can appear on sites with similar themes to yours.

Disadvantages: The expensive listings
  • The importance of your budget will determine the visibility of your ad. The more you increase your budget, the better your ad position themselves ahead of your competitors.
  • Unlike natural search, sponsored links are short term listings. From the moment you do not pay more for this service, your ad is no longer on the list and will only be the natural positioning of your site.

Create a sponsored link in 5 steps

1. Choose a service

It must first register for a program of sponsored links, search engine or website specialized in selling keywords.

The choice is vast, the service among the best known and most used: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft.

2. Create your ad

The advertisement should be short and compelling, consisting mostly of text. The announcement is a description of your product or service, it should encourage users to click for more information.

For an attractive and effective ad, you must:
  • Be clear
  • Communicate your brand name, the name of your company
  • Communicate your prices
  • Avoid expressions such as "number 1", "click here", as they are too common.

3. Choose keywords

  • The choice of keywords is essential, it determines the word or phrase that will bring the Internet to your ad. Tools are available to facilitate this choice. Test the Generator keywords from Google.
  • Select for example keywords commonly used by Internet users in search engines, keywords must be generic or competitive. But beware, the more they are popular the more they are expensive.
  • You can add or remove keywords from current provision.

4. Determine its budget

  • Charging for listings works in "cost per click" (or"Pay Per Click"): the search engine in which your ad appears is paid each time someone clicks on your ad.
  • The cost of the click is extremely variable. Some keywords are more in demand than others, the cost per click is much higher. For example, the words computer, travel, flowers are much requested and much more expensive than words like tile, keypad, mimosa.
  • Remember that it is possible to precisely control its budget. You can choose to not exceed a certain amount. Once the amount reached by a certain number of clicks, your ad is no longer among the links.

5. Optimize your campaign

  • Your service provider makes available observation tools and statistics to optimize your PPC campaign, you can track the results of your campaigns in real time.
  • Given these statistics, you can change the keywords or phrases, increase or to decrease the budget.
  • Your campaign can take as much time as you wish, but at least 15 days for an effective campaign.

Adding sponsored linkss on your site

Disseminate listings on your site will not make you a millionaire, but the monetization solution can help you finance your own campaign of sponsored links, and even help you finance the creation and maintenance of your site.

These listings appear in a box entitled Google Ads are often placed on top or right of the pages of sites: they are known as Google AdSense. When the user clicks on these ads, you earn the money you paid to click.

Google AdSense is an added value in terms of information. The ads often correspond to the theme and the target of your site.


The steps to follow:
  • Connect to the space devoted to Google AdSense https: / / www.google.com/adsense/
  • Click on register now
  • Enter your address and url of your site
  • Once your space is created, you can include and foremost specify the type of ads you want to appear on your site
  • Copy and paste the block of html code in your site
  • The targeted ads will start appearing on your site
  • In your personal space, a multitude of options allow you to target more precisely the type of ads you want to see: You have the ability to ban certain competing addresses.

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