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Optimize Campaigns Using Google Ad Tools

This article will walk you through how to optimize your campaigns through the use of Google's AdWords and AdSense. If used correctly, these tools can enable you to increase your website's visibility. The Google AdWords advertising slots put forward on the search engine Google. You must pay to be positioned there and increase traffic to your site and attracting customers.

Google AdSense are Google ads which are positioned in the inserts "Ads by Google" on sites.
  • Google publish your ads on sites whose content and context match your announcement.
The more you pay the price for keywords, you are better placed among the sponsored links from Google. Not overpaying for keywords while being well placed to attract as many people on the site is quite a matter.

It is essential to determine first a maximum daily budget so that your campaign remains profitable. Here is a price range:
  • 0.10 € per click is minimum
  • Between 0.15 and 0.25 € per click to be well placed.
  • Between 1 and € 2 per click for competitive keywords (holidays, real estate, stock exchange, ...)

Then raise or lower the cost per click and see how your link is positioned. Users who click your ad should be directed to a page that corresponds to the targeted keywords in your AdWords campaign. Objective: to encourage people to stay on your site so that their visits are successful for your business.

Purchase, for example the keywords such as "manchester 20 real estate" "real estate manchester19" etc.. Rather than keyword such "estate" single word on which there is more competition. For your campaign to be effective, you must get targeted traffic, ie ensure that only interested click and that the majority of visitors become customers after, in short a good conversion rate.

Don't: put too long a list of keywords in one ad. If the users are not interested in your site, (leave your page immediately and ignore your offer): you pay for clicks that refer traffic to your site but with no score.

To do: you must precisely target keywords in your campaign. Google AdWords Editor: http://www.google.com/intl/en_uk/adwordseditor/
This is a free Google application, which saves time in optimizing your campaign. Here are its main features and benefits:
  • Group similar keywords into campaigns
  • Make changes in groups of keywords: change in the cost per click, add and delete keywords for example. Good if you have several keywords to manage.
  • Find all keywords with a click through rate very low or nonexistent
  • Make your changes to get feedback from other users and share your opinion
  • Export your keywords to other solutions: Microsoft Ad Center, Yahoo, etc..
It is an automatic optimization tool, ideal if you have little time to devote to optimizing your campaign keywords, but it does not equal the quality of the manual optimization.

You must have a Google Adwords account to access. Once your account is created, Campaign Optimizer is available as a link in the Google AdWords interface. You can change:
  • Colors (border, background, title, text, link)
  • Format (shape and size)
  • Location
In other words, prohibit the display of ads for competing sites. The price of the click is variable and depends on the competition in the words purchased by the advertiser. You can place in your website, words that will bring profitable advertisements, while remaining contextual.

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