iPhone - 5 Recommended Photo editing apps

April 2018

Due to all the acvailable apps, it's not an easy task to find the right applications to work your photos on the iPhone. Here's a selection of 5 photo editing tools that can fit to your needs:

360 Panorama

  • Powerful and intuitive, 360 Panorama" can take pictures at a 360 ° angle. The software restores your full environment in glance. This is the ideal to for panoramic pictures
  • iTunes store
  • Price: € 0.79


  • "CameraBag" is a tool to rapidly add effect to your images. It is quite simple and intuitive, simply load an image from your library and choose the filter you want to apply, "Helga", "Colorcross", "Instant", "1962" "Cinema", etc..
  • iTunes store
  • Price: € 1.59

Pocket Light Meter

  • A technical tool for photographers who want to learn and progress. Pocket Light Meter allows you to manage light and exposure based on defined parameters. Also note that the software has a Logbook, which saves the settings when shooting a picture: a log book very useful to learn from mistakes and improve your photos.
  • iTunes store
  • Price: Free

Photoshop Express

A reference software on computers, Photoshop can edit photos, correct the brightness, contrast, crop, etc.. *Adobe also has a free application for smartphone which includes the outline of the best-seller among photographers. This version was specifically adapted for use on a mobile.

MoreLomo and MoreMono

Price: Free

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