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Nokia 5130 antivirus software

Just like personal computers, antivirus software is available for mobile phones. The way a virus affects a mobile phone is slightly different from how it affects a computer. Generally speaking it eats up the memory, and cannot be deleted or viewed easily. Hence, to remove the virus, an antivirus programme is not always necessary. Simply deleting the file can do the trick.


I need free downloadable antivirus software for the Nokia 5130 c-2 Express music. Where can I download this?


It is true that Nokia 5130 is vulnerable to viruses, but not in the sense that the viruses will affect the phone. Viruses are .exe files or programs that can only harm a device like a personal computer (PC) which supports .exe files. S40 mobiles like 5130 can never support these files, and hence are completly safe. The problem you are facing may be due to the following reasons:
  • 1. Although .exe files can never harm this mobile or any other mobile of its kind, they usually take lots of space in the memory card. These files cannot be deleted as they are marked 'Read only' in the file properties, and also marked 'hidden'. This means you can neither find it or delete it.
  • 2. This mobile supports themes. Whenever you apply a theme, a cache file of these themes remains in one of the system files of the mobile. These cache files will keep on increasing the more you change the themes. The files are very well hidden and not even Nokia PC Suite can find them. Solutions to the above problems are as follows:
  • 1. Download a Java file explorer software from the internet. This software can find hidden files and alter their properties. The .exe files should be found manually using the software, and the 'read only' property of the file removed. Then, delete the file. Do it for all .exe files. This will increase the phone memory. Since the software is a .jar file, so you can carry out this process in the mobile itself.
  • 2. Use Oxycube, which is similar to Nokia PC Suite but more advanced.

Thanks to Sujan for this tip.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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