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LaTeX - An alternative to word processing

Using text editors such as Word ,OpenOffice.etc allow you to make only rough layout. To inegrate: mathematical formulas and Greek letters, control the indexing and bibliography of your documents, master the uniformity of layout and make it look more professional.

The solution is quite simple go to LaTeX (pronounced "Latek"), a free and portable language for automatic layout. This is a description language document, marked, just like HTML and it is scalable. A simple layout does not use tags at all, then with some experience you can go for a lot more complex layout.

It will perhaps be more difficult to use at first, but once these constraints handle, it will be more flexible and powerful than other text editors: nothing to such a relationship with a professional layout! That is why it is used in scientific and technical publications ...

What we can do with Latex

Non-exhaustive list

  • - The simple and complex
  • - Reports
  • - Thesis
  • - Complete Books
  • - Presentations "on PowerPoint"
  • - Transparent

For advanced purposes

  • - Schedules
  • - The CD covers
  • - Crosswords
  • - Sheet music
  • - Books songs
  • - Recipes
  • - Brochures
  • - Posters
  • - Labels
  • - Texts in all languages and ways
  • - In fact, almost anything





Free distributions of LaTeX

Publishers supporting LaTeX

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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