Burnt Audio CD not recognized on CD player and car CD player

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A burnt CD may sometimes create a lot of problems when one tries to play it on a CD player or car CD player. The problem is related to the recognition issue of the burnt CD by the player. This generally happens due to incorrect procedures of burning or writing a CD. When a CD is burnt with the help of CD burning softwares, the default option is to create a Data Disc, but to play the audio it is imperative that one burns the CD with Audio Burning. The speed of the burning must also be low to get a good result. Lastly, one should keep in mind that to play on a car or normal CD player, the burnt CD must be in CD-R format.
There are several methods of burning your CDs offered by your burning software. It is recommended that you select Audio Burning instead of data for burning CDs to be played on your car CD player.

Another essential point to consider is that most channels cannot read CD-RW (Re-Writable disk); it is therefore recommended that you always opt for CD-R when burning CDs for them to be played on a stereo or car CD player.

You can however the firmware of the player if optional.

You can also change the brand of CD-R and burn the same at a lower speed 8x to get a better result.
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