Uninstall / Remove Windows Messenger

Note that

Windows Messenger is a small version apparent to MSN Messenger which can however create conflict when both installed. So its removal can only be beneficial for your pc.

Removing the Software

Upon installing XP, Windows Messenger will be housed in the taskbar.

If you do not use this program, it's better to remove it and save a small amount of RAM and space on the hard disk. Unfortunately, this task is not possible through the Control Panel> Add Remove Programs.

Removing Windows Messenger from the command line

  • Click Start> Run
  • Enter the following command:
    • RunDll32 advpack.dll,LaunchINFSection %windir%\INF\msmsgs.inf,BLC.Remove
  • Validate with the OK button

Removing Windows Messenger from Control Panel

  • You can force Windows to display in MSN Messenger in the Add/Remove Programs through the following procedure:
  • Open explorer and position yourself in C:\windows\inf\
  • Locate the sysoc.inf file and edit it with Notepad or Wordpad
  • Search the following line:
    • msmsgs=msgrocm.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,hide,7
  • Delete the word hide to get the line below:
    • msmsgs=msgrocm.dll,OcEntry,msmsgs.inf,,7
  • Save the file

MSN Messenger is now in the add/remove programs section.

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