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Myth - Find out who blocked you on MSN Messenger

You may be using MSN Messenger to chat with your friends and want to know if any friend has blocked you on the chat list. MSN lets you talk and chat through Windows Messenger and live Messenger. Myths and Legends has it that it is not possible to know who blocked you on MSN Messenger. There are many Phishing sites proposing a miracle software download or a trick that gives you complete information on who blocked you. In return for this these con sites ask for personal email ID and password information which they try to use to access your bank or PayPal account or even plant a virus on your system. MSN warns its user from falling prey to such sites. Prevent the spread of such frauds and educate your friends on the same.

MSN Messenger is an application allowing you to talk through Windows Messenger, Windows Live Messenger etc. It is however possible to give your status to your list of contacts. You can also block the contact of your contacts.
It isn't possible to find out who blocked me on MSN.
Many sites offer to tell you who has blocked you on MSN by asking you:
  • Your MSN ID (often your personal email address) ;
  • Your password ;
  • Your secret question and answer.

These sites are misleading you and it is recommended not to give personal identification on the Internet. Note that official agencies will never ask you for private information over the net so why should you trust these websites?

It is a scam with the aim of stealing your account, access your emails, passwords, etc.

These sites can even install virus/applications without you knowing.

You should not trust them under any circumstances:
Here is a small list of websites with the so called miracle formula, to find out who's blocking you on MSN.

    • www.quebloc.com
    • www.quebloq.com
    • www.queblock.com/fr/
    • www.checkmessenger2.net/fr/s/check-messenger/
    • fr.bloquo.com/main
    • www.inspectmessenger.com/
    • www.kimebloc.1s.fr/
    • www.cocoland.fr/
    • www.list-mess.net/fr/
    • www.verifmsn.com/
    • www.testmsn.com/
    • www.coco.fr/
    • bloquermsn.com
    • quitebloque.com
    • www.kibloc.com
    • contactsquibloque.com/
    • c1.msn-blocked.com/
    • msnapps.net/?/qui-te-bloque/
    • www.verifcontact.com
    • messengerlookup.info/

The official response from MSN on these sites speaks for itself:

Beware of this kind of site! Never enter your username and personal password on a non-authenticated MSN; this information could be recovered for fraud. The official messages from MSN are easily recognizable thanks to the MSN butterfly appearing before the e-mail in your inbox. Also note that MSN will never ask you to answer his messages or transfer them to your contacts.
This technique is called phishing.
If one of your friends has invited you to subscribe to one of these sites it is recommended that you tell them to immediately change their password.

If you believe someone has blocked you, you can ask him directly, via email, phone or web.

Furthermore if someone blocked you on MSN it's probably for a reason...Think of it!


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