Installing a new graphics card!

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In this tip, you will learn how to change/replace your graphics card..

Getting started

Uninstalling your current graphics card

  • Uninstall your current graphics card by going to: Control panel > System > Hardware > Device Manager > Display adapters.
  • Scroll to the entry corresponding to your graphics card
  • Then right-click and select Uninstall.
  • This will uninstall all drivers and the card from the list of hardware installed on your PC.

This step is prior to the physical removal of the graphics card (for an integrated graphic chipset (IGP) follow the procedure at the end of this article).
  • Unplug the power supply and all cables connected at the rear panel.
  • Remove the side panel to access the motherboard.
  • It is recommended that you verify your new graphical card has a dedicated power connector,
  • Also check that your power supply is equipped with the proper outlet and adapters needed.
  • Remove the screws holding your graphics card, then push or unlock the locking system at the rear of the PCI-Express or AGP slot.
  • Smoothly remove the card.

Installing your new card

  • Gently insert the card into the PCI Express / AGP slot.
  • Some models comes with 6/8 pins PCI connector, connect them or your PC won't start.
  • Put the screws back and close the system unit.
  • Reconnect the PC and all peripherals.

Installing drivers

  • Windows will detect the new card and ask you for the drivers.
  • Click Cancel until the dialog box stops appearing and a message appears indicating that "a problem occurred during installation and the device may not function normally".
  • Insert the driver CD that comes with the new card or download the latest drives from the internet.
  • Start the installation procedure and follow the instructions.
  • Once the installation is complete, restart the computer, even if no dialog box prompts you to.

Procedure for integrated graphics (IGP)

  • If your PC is equipped with an onboard/integrated graphics card, you must first verify if your motherboard possess a free AGP or PCIexpress16 slot, to install new graphics card.
  • From there the procedure is almost the same as above, but you don't have to unistall the drivers and of course it is impossible to remove the IGP.
    • Install your new graphics cards and the drivers directly.
    • Many would tell you to disable the Integrated graphics card in the BIOS, it is not compulsory...learn more here:
  • Myth - It is necessary disable an integrated graphics chipset

Thanks to flo88 for this tip.

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