Converting VHS into a digital format

March 2018

You have some video tapes that are precious to you and don't want to lose them.Then better store them in a Digital format. In this tip, we will show you how to scan all your video tapes VHS format in view to save them and preventing them from deteriorate.

Digititalize your VHS tapes without capture card

You can digitize VHS K7 without capture card by using a DVD burner and some blank DVD + RW.

Connect the VCR to the recorder with a Scart cable;

Do the same for TV output: it will be possible to see on the screen what you burn.

You are now ready to burn!
Charge the VHS,
Set the DVD + RW disc in the recorder

Once the operation completed, you can rework your DVD on your computer and rewrite the result with your usual burning software.
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