Saving music track

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You can cut a music sample by using the following software suitable for this operation:
  • Audacity
  • mp3DirectCut


  • Download and install Audacity.
  • Open the music cut and select the range to keep the highlighting with the mouse
  • Click the Delete button outside the selection.
  • Record the result in a new file (MP3, WAV, etc.).


  • Mp3DirectCut is a software allowing this operation but however not only on MP3 format.
  • Download mp3DirectCut
  • Open the mp3 file you want.
  • Choose the extract:
  • To determine the beginning and end of your clip, use the "Start" and "End", which will set the start or end at the point of reading. You can also click directly on the analyzer and highlight a selection.
  • You can use the "Reach for the start of the selection", then "Play" to listen to the extract and check your adjustments.
  • Once your selection is ready, it remains only to save using the File menu and select "Save Playlist".

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