Boosting your e-shop sales

In this tip, we will show you how your increase your online sales and win customers, loyalties.

Products and services presentation

  • Develop detailed descriptions of your items
    • Products and services illustration with photos and videos
    • However you should be careful of image and video size which might however increase the time for loading pages.
  • Using Cross selling technique by offering customers complementary products and accessories.
  • Limit your offer in time to push for immediate and impulsive purchase. Example: "More than three days to buy this product at -20%!"
  • Clearly indicate delivery costs. Without this information on CD, some e-customers leave the store without going to "consultation basket" where shipping costs are always indicated.
  • Below are some tips for showing the exclusivity of your online store in view to differ your products from competitors:
  • Your products are not available elsewhere or to unprecedented conditions in relation to your competitors.
    • Lower ever prices than your competitors.
    • Quick delivery in X hrs.
    • Discount provided on shipping costs for a certain purchase amount.
    • Favor interaction,make online forms available on your e-shop
    • Inform your customers of the availability of stock of a product,
    • Multi payment options: online (by credit card or PayPal) and offline (check, bank transfer),

Customer loyalty

To retain your customers, here are our tips:

  • Provide customers subscribe to the newsletter your e-shop professional.
  • Create a private space where registered clients will have preferential advantages: for example they will be the first to know about promotions, new products online, commercial entertainment, news in e-shop.
  • Determine why a page that will be available after registration with a username and a password.
  • Establish a system of loyalty points. For each purchase, customers accumulate points convertible into vouchers, gifts or discounts.
  • Develop a sponsorship program to encourage word of mouth.
  • Communicating all events (anniversary of the e-shop, leaving a new product, etc..) regularly in view to revive customer interest and encourage them to check your e-shop.
  • Be on impeccable quality of service. Satisfied customers are likely to be loyal customers. Take care especially the delivery time, after-sales service, product quality, information on general conditions of sale (which must be a page on your site), etc..

Increase your visibility online

To increase the number of visitors to your site and proportionally the number of customers, your store should be visible, especially on search engines. Here are our tips to make your e-shop on the Web:

  • To have your e-shop and increase the number of visitors / potential buyers quickly, the most effective (short term) is to advertise online.

You can:

  • create a campaign of sponsored links campaigns and then optimize your AdWords and AdSense;
  • set up a campaign of e-mailing.
  • Referencing free. The natural search is free, it's also one that attracts the most users. Here are some tips to make your e-shop is up in the long run among the first search engine results:
  • Develop relevant content describing the products and services offered and the particularity of your e-shop;
  • Insert keywords in your content. For example, if you sell online wooden furniture that you manufacture, include multiple instances in your site keywords "furniture," household goods "," wood "," craft "," home "," decoration " "sale", "tables", "offices", "oak" and so on.

Also consider:

  • Multiplying links: offering link exchanges from and to other sites, blogs, forums or e-shops;
  • Subscribe to web directories;
  • Publish press releases.
  • Measure your effectiveness to refine your strategy
  • Some software allow you to measure the effectiveness of your SEO actions and adapt your actions to these results:
  • If you find that an e-mailing with a new product has generated a significant number of sales, then favor this type of action.
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