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Myth - Informatic language = Programming language


All languages are programming languages.




There are several types of languages. Most of them are programming languages but not all.

This confusion is common with the languages used in creating websites.

(x) Html is not a programming language. It simply submit a static as well for CSS.

JavaScript is rather a programming language which is however limited since its execution environment prior to web browser.

XML is not a programming language. Being more advanced than HTML, it can be used for several purpose.

XQuery and XPath are always closer to programming in XML, but it's far.

The ASP and PHP are programming languages and can use database.

Python can be used as server for example.


Some people might not agree with this article as they believe that JS is not a programming language despite the case that it provides some opportunities. It can also be considered as a scripting language, but the basic aim is after all a programming language web.
The details of each language are not very complete, you had to add what you know.
You can also make a list of languages that are not programming languages, and one of those who are programming languages.

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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