Laptop keyboard and Spanish characters

April 2018

With business, social networking and general communication breaking geographical boundaries, computers users may need to use characters and symbols from other languages. For example, a user will not normally get Spanish characters displayed on his/her laptop keyboard. You are more likely to have more characters on a PC keyboard which has more keys (105). There is a way to access additional characters for those people wishing or needing to use them. It is a simple procedure involved the ALTGR key, displayed on the right side of the space bar, as explained in the answer provided below.
It is very difficult to obtain Spanish characters (punctuation and accents) on a laptop keyboard.

On a conventional PC keyboard (105 keys), it is much easier than on a laptop.

Here, we will present you with a small utility that adds native drivers under Windows which provides direct access to those specific characters with the ALTGR key accessible on the right on your space bar. (See image below).

Advanced French Keyboard drivers

Installed easily and free from viruses.

Once this driver is installed you will be able to use more special characters.
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