Disable scandisk on startup (Win95/98/ME)

Windows sometimes performs a comprehensive analysis of the hard drives to ensure the integrity of system files at its launch, especially after a crash (crash, power outage, etc..)

You can disable this feature by editing the MSDOS.SYS file, located in the root of the drive where Windows is installed.

It is strongly advised to make a backup prior to this file before any changes.
  • Open the file MSDOS.SYS, which is the root of the system partition. It is possible that Windows hides the file because it is a hidden file. Where appropriate, it is necessary to check the display of hidden files in the options of the workstation(My Computer) (Workstation/Tools/Folder Options/View/display hidden files and folders).
  • Remove the read-only attribute (right click on the file, select Properties, then uncheck read-only).
  • Open MSDOS.SYS with a text editor (notepad is ideal for Windows).
  • In the [Options] section of the file, change the line "Autoscan = 1" and replace the value 1 to 0. If it does not exist, just create it.
  • Save the file and put the file as read-only.

The changes will be considered at the next startup!
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