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Capacitors on my motherboard inflated!!!

You took a look at your motherboard and you noticed that the capacitors were inflated or split?
This type of behavior can weaken the stability of the machine, cause crashes repeatedly, even making the motherboard useless and is probably due to high ambient temperature, a voltage higher than the voltage and or to poor quality manufacturing.

The physical symptoms are diverse capacitors swell from above, from below (the capacitor off the motherboard), it is possible that the electrolyte is poured.

The article by VTR-hardware below explains how to fix it by changing the capacitors:

Do this only if your motherboard plant regularly, and one or more symptoms listed above occur. Some capacitors may look curved without their operation being disrupted.

Be sure to observe proper polarity (sense) polarized capacitors.

Note: If the capacitors are not too damaged, return to form by pressing the top, but this does not solve the problem!

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