File associations corrupted - How to fix ?

File associations are very important for the day-to-day functioning of computers. Without them it would be impossible to run any type of file, as Windows would not be able to recognize files. File associations become corrupted due to security issues if the computer has been infected by a virus. System restore is one of the options that can be used. For this to work, it has to be turned on. Another solution is to download the file associations onto another computer and then use them via a flash drive on the infected computer in order to get rid of the problem.

There are situations when the entire file association gets corrupted due to virus attacks. The user is unable to launch any files. The only real option is a system restore. If system restore has been turned off and there is not a previous point from which to restore the PC, there is no option other than to repair or format the PC.


Running registry fixes will not work because all file associations have been corrupted.


Be sure to download fixes for important file types, especially exe.lnk and reg, from the following websites:

XP file association fix

Vista file association fix

Windows 7 fix

Download and extract the fixes on another PC, then copy it to a flash drive and save it on the infected computer. These fixes cannot be run directly because all file associations have been corrupted. Save the files on the infected PC for later use.


Step 1:

Step 2:

Step 3:

Browse to

C:/Windows/system32 and select cmd.exe

Step 4:

Step 5:

Now run these commands:


After running these commands, restart and see if you can open the applications. You will need to run all the file association fixes to make sure the PC can run all file types.

If your PC has been infected with a virus, the commands will not work and you will need to run this command:


Press enter. You will get a registry window, as below.

Go to file>>import

Import all the registry fixes as described before

Step 6:

Restart your PC

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