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Online Banking

Manage accounts and all your banking business online, without moving, it's now possible.

Advantages/Disadvantages of online banking

Time Saving

This is the advantage of online tools, you are no longer forced to manage your professional business hours you will have access 24/24hr with a simple Internet connection and from your mobile devices.


The competitive rates and financial benefits are made possible by savings made on the premises and staff.
  • Generally more advantageous rates on credit cards and even free
  • Free consultation online accounts


The lack of human contact, especially for large transactions, may bother some people. You can always contact a counselor by phone or videophone.

The online banks are very secure to ensure confidentiality and reliability of all data bank transfers, etc..

It is necessary to meet these guidelines to avoid security holes:
    • Have an anti-virus, anti-spyware and a firewall,
    • Not respond to emails asking you to enter your login and password is the "phishing" (phishing) and allows to hack your account .
    • Regularly change the password that allows you to access your account
    • Verify that a padlock or key is present in the bottom right of your page and the URL starts with "https" when you are connected .

The Online Banks

manage your bank accounts

  • Check your account balances, current benefits, ...
  • Check the records, transfers on hold, the stock market orders under negotiation
  • Make transfers from account to account
  • Print statement of account
  • Ordering checkbooks
  • Warning: Warnings will be sent by mail or by SMS if your account balance reaches a threshold or when the value of your shares fall.

Manage your loans online

In the same way that you can find attractive rates on the internet for your travels, your purchases of high-tech, office, etc.. banks offer online rate loans generally more interesting than agency.
  • Manage your savings
  • With online access to all offers of savings, you can easily choose the best offer.

The pros and specificities for bank

Some banks offer all their services online.The banks make most of their services available online.

Here is the specific type of services offered to businesses and professionals:
  • Prepare to apply for funding for start-ups
  • Determine lending rates and the most suitable
  • Facilitate receipts and expenditures (including payments from your customers)
  • Optimize the placement of your surplus cash
  • Manage the transfer of business

Online Bank Services: Access and uses

Open an account

  • To create a bank account online, simply connect the spaces pro banks (see links above).
  • Once registered, the bank will assign an account number, login and password that allows you to connect to your bank and perform different operations.
  • Do your banking

Do your banking

Navigation is very intuitive, you simply click on the operation you want to, fill in the account numbers to debit or credit the accounts to check, the shares to buy, ...

Consult an advisor

To overcome the lack of direct contact, you can contact a specialist via telephone or video.

Internet Accessories

The widget for consulting bank accounts, proposed by some banks to insert into your RSS reader to quickly see the status of your accounts.

Note that

Here below is a link to a site ,displaying the most popular online banking services:


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