Windows - Sticky Keys

April 2018


The sticky keys are an accessibility feature provided by Windows.
  • The functionality of the Sticky Keys allows for people who have difficulty pressing multiple keys (eg CTRL + ALT + DEL), to use the SHIFT, CTRL and ALT with a single press on these buttons.
  • Sticky Keys can be activated by pressing 5 times on the SHIFT key.

Under XP

  • You can to disable this feature by going to:
    • Control Panel>Accessibility Options>keyboard tab

Then in Sticky Keys section, click Settings and then check or uncheck.

Under Vista and 7

  • You can enable or disable this feature by going to
  • Control panel> Ease of Access Center >Make the keyboard easier to use
    • Under Make it easier to type check or uncheck to Enable or disable the Sticky Keys ant click on Apply to validate the changes.
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