How to normalize the volume of your MP3 files?

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How to normalize the volume of your MP3 files?

You have MP3 (music) files with different volume levels?

MP3Gain is a free software allowing your to normalize the volume of your MP3 files, adjust their volume (amplify, boost or decrease). The advantage of using MP3 is that your can perform batch operations, adjusting the volume of multiple files simultaneously.
  • Download MP3Gain
  • Launch MP3Gain
  • Click on Add Files or Add Folder to select your files:
  • Click the "Track Analysis" to calculate the volume in decibels of each MP3
  • MP3Gain offers an average volume level that you can adjust to your convenience.
  • Click the arrow button next to Track Gain > Constant Gain:
  • Click on the Constant Gain button to normalize your MP3 files.

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