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  • It may be convenient to have some local websites, for example, to view documents on a laptop while traveling.
  • Here's how to get a website as a. Chm

Why using .CHM format?

This is the compiled HTML format from Microsoft.
All versions of Windows can view these files.

CHM format has several advantages:
  • The full site is in one file (easy to handle)
  • It occupies much less space on disk than separate html files.
  • It contains an integrated search engine (very practical).


  • 1) Install Microsoft HTML Help Workshop (free):
  • 2) Install web2chm (free):
  • 3) recover the website

Use the software to retrieve the HTTrack website that interests you.
So that the CHM compilation goes smoothly afterwards, I recommend, in the options, Build tab:
to select Html in web/, images/others in web/xxx, where xxx is the file extension
  • Once the site is recovered, you can delete all files /hts-cache/new
  • They are no longer useful.
  • 4) Once the site recovered, make sure that there is a /web/index.html

(copy the start page of the site under that name if necessary).
  • 5) Launch web2chm:
  • Screen 1:
    • Click "Next"
  • Screen 2:
    • Web Document File Index: Select the file /web/index.html
    • HTMLHelp Titlebar Text: Enter the title of the CHM file that will be displayed in the window.
    • Click "Next"
  • Screen 3:
    • Check "Save user changes for size and position"
    • Click "Next"
  • Screen 4:
  • Tick only the following cases: Show Toolbar, Back, Print, Forward, Home, Options, Font
  • Home filename: select index.html
  • Click "Next"
  • Screen 5:
    • Check "Show search pane"
    • Check "Use advanced search"
    • Check "Start with search panel closed.
    • Uncheck the other
    • Click "Next"
  • Screen 6:
  • HTML Help Output Filename: It is essential to specify a file name that is not in the directory where you checked out the site.
  • Click "Create!" and on the "Yes".
  • An MS-DOS window will appear during compilation.
  • After compilation, a text file will open showing you the files that have been compiled (and errors).
  • Close the file.
  • The compiled CHM file will appear.
  • It's done.

You can click on the button "Show" to display/ hide the search engine.


Note that this method is not always able to retrieve all the sites, particularly sites whose pages are generated dynamically.

Note that in some cases you will need to manually correct a few pages before you compile with web2hh.
This is sometimes necessary with certain parts of JavaScript or images.

Remember to respect the copyrights laws.

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