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Adding Subtitles to your Videos

Inserting subtitles in video can be really helpful. This can be done effectively once the AVI Recomp with the extension of the .Avi file is downloaded and installed. This software has easy to use features and tabs - its source and its exit, the extras, the settings and the queue enable convenient usage of the software. Subtitles which are to be added to the AVI video can also be downloaded from websites like opensubtitles. Now your favorite video with your preferred subtitle language is ready to play.


I'm looking for a way to add the subtitles to a video. I have two separate files (the video and the subtitles) and I want to combine them so I can play the video with the subtitles on any type of video player.


  • To do this, you need two elements:
    • The video file in .avi format
    • The subtitles - the software accepts the formats:. .srt, .sub, .ssa, .ass and .txt
  • Download and Install AVI Recomp.

The software is very simple to use. There are 4 tabs: Source and Output, Extras, Settings, and Queue. We will proceed tab by tab.

Source and Output

  • Load your AVI video
  • In "Save Avi", enter the name and location to save the new video (with subtitles)
  • In most cases, the size is shown automatically in "New File Size"
    • If that is not the case, put the same size as the original video


  • Select Activate > Subtitles
  • In "Load subtitles", choose the destination path


  • It is advisable to check "Delete temporary files"
  • You can also check "Delete file" if you wish, but it is often a good idea to wait until you have confirmed the new video works properly before deleting the original


  • Click "Add to queue"
  • Finally, hit "Start" to get the process underway

Download Subtitles

You can also download subtitles and add them to your Avi videos from one of the links below:

Search the movie and subtitle language, then download

A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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