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Displaying your name on the taskbar near the clock

In systems based on XP, users get the option to customize the look and feel of their system. One such option is to display your name on the taskbar near the clock. For this, the user needs to make changes in the registry using regedit. After navigating into 'International' from the Control Panel, three values need to be modified. One can also add logos along with the name if needed to enhance the look and feel. Once the explorer is restarted, the user should be able to see their name on the taskbar near the clock.

Despite the many personalization solutions for Windows, sometimes we do not know where to go to change our interface.
The purpose of this trick is to show how to add your name or other text next to the clock quickly and easily, without software modification.

We will see that gradually through the following steps:

The registry

The change takes place in the registry.
For this, click Start and then Run. In the new window you write regedit

In the new window, you move left to fetch the file:

HKEY_CURRENT_USER \ Control Panel \ International

The values to be changed

There are three values to be modified:
  • s1159
  • s2359
  • sTimeFormat

You can change this way to regulate the hours by "|":


You can get creative by adding a small logo text! I recommend the character, rich in scripts / logos.
Here is one to give you an idea:




· ··^v'¯'×)(TEXT)(×'¯'v^·· ·


Restart the process: explorer

After your changes, simply apply the process by restarting explorer. To do this you open the Task Manager by pressing Ctrl + Alt + Delete and choosing the Processes tab.
Research on the process explorer.exe, it then selects the clicked End Process.

Then you go on the Application tab to restart the process.
You click on New Task and explore back in the small window, then OK.

And that's what you get:


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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