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Uploading Large Files

Sharing or sending large files via email can be constrictive due to file limitation. There are several applications that enable fast and secure file sharing. Files Direct is one such internet based program that allows the sending and the receiving of large files. Designated recipients can access the files once they are uploaded and the software is available with 14 days of a free trial version. Docstock One Click is another free document sharing community that allows the upload and download of the data as well as sending of files. Orbitfile is another web based application that allows data storage, and it can be accessed from a computer and as well as mobile devices.
Many users have encountered problems uploading due to limits on file sizes. Below are some of the possible ways of getting round this problem.

Files Direct is a program for transferring large files. It is an internet based program enabling you to store your data securely once uploaded. Your files will be held on the program until you choose to retrieve them from your account. The file, for security purposes, can be accessed only by designated recipients. You can try this program on a 14-day free trial using this link: http://www.filesdirect.com/

Docstock OneClick is a free sharing community enabling you to upload and
download data and multimedia files of considerable size. With this application, you can easily send files to your contacts or to a specific person. Docstock allows you to uploaded files of up to 50 MB at a time with an unlimited number of documents. As an extra feature, Docstock software allows you to designate your files as "Public" or "Private". If you choose to make Docstock OneClick as your document sharing program, download the set up with this link: http://www.docstoc.com/

Orbitfile is a free online web-based file and data storage with a 6BG storage limit for uploading documents, presentations, MP3 and multimedia files. You can access your data from any computer, PDA (Personal Digital Assistant) or even your mobile phone. Other features include:
  • RSS web feeds for shared files
  • Automatic Daily Back up through Hercules uploader system
  • Upload files of up to 30 MB at a time
  • Customize uploaded files using files, album, tags
  • Option for selling files.
  • Online support solution

Link: http://www.orbitfiles.com/

SendThisFile allows you to send large files of unlimited sizes as the maximum size load is set by the user. What is distinct with this service is that you don't require an account to operate with SendThisFile. With its free account, your files are held on a link to download for up to 3 days until you or the designated recipients download them using the link provided. However with its paid accounts, the files are held for longer. You can access your documents anywhere. find out more by clicking this link: https://www.sendthisfile.com/

Other features include:
  • Customize File box
  • Secure storage (128-bit AES Encryption)
  • Send up to five files at once
  • 100% Throttle Free Bandwidth

TransferBigFiles.com is a website allowing any user to send files and data at no cost to anyone without holding an account. The website allows you to send five files of up to 1 GB size per file at a time. This service is well known for its efficiency and reliability. With TransferBigFile, you can be sure the recipient will receive the files you send. However, files are held for five days by this service. After 5 days, the links for retrieving data are automatically neutralized.

Other features include:
  • Auto receipt confirmation
  • Extension of file expiration from 5 to 10 days
  • Files sent history
  • Auto resume interruption if any
  • Password file protection

Link: https://www.transferbigfiles.com/

Operating Systems Requirement:
Windows XP/Vista
900 mhz
256mb RAM
4MB Disk Space
Microsoft.NET 2.0 Framework

Sendspace is another well known free sophisticated file transfer network for uploading and downloading large files. Files of 300 MB can be uploaded and downloaded at high speeds. Sendspace is secure as it protecst information with an optional password download and, with its ability to transfer any file types, your document can be encrypted before uploading. Sendspace is updated regularly in response to user feedback to improve the performance.

Other features include:
  • Recover lost download links
  • Expiry date for file download set by users
  • Unlimited upload
  • Customization
  • Data Transfer Report
  • RSS Feed

Visit the website at: https://www.sendspace.com/

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