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WIN XP & DELL: How to create an installation CD (MASTER CD)

With some Dell computers, the installation CD is not provided. The user can create their own master CD by accessing the recovery partition. For this one needs to access the OS recovery CD from Dell Accessories menu. In case the user wants to restore Windows XP, the recovery CD created earlier can be used. For this the user would need to change the order in BIOS and boot the system from the CD instead. The other option is to start the recovery partition and then follow the instructions as they appear.

Creating your Recovery Disc

  • In some cases, the installation CD of Windows XP is no longer included with Dell systems.
  • Using the recovery partition on your hard drive, you can create the Master CD on your own.
  • To do this, click Start> All Programs> Dell Accessories> Dell OS Recovery CD.
  • Insert a blank CD-ROM into the drive and follow the steps. The program then creates a CD to install the operating system.

Note That

  • It is possible to create only one copy of the CD to install the operating system. Expect to make backup copies of this CD.
  • The installation CD created does not contain all the drivers on your system. Make a backup of the folder C:Drivers on CD, as well as possible pilot subsequently recovered.

Restoring XP

The Recovery CD or Restore button of "factory settings" (Ctrl + F11), restores the drive to the operating condition in which it was when you bought the computer, causing the deletion of all hard disk data and uninstalling all programs and drivers installed after purchase of the computer.

If possible, back up all data before using these options. Use these methods as a last resort.

You can boot the Recovery CD created with the previous method. Change the boot order in BIOS and boot from the CD. Follow the instructions.

Otherwise, you can start the recovery partition by pressing keys simultaneously <Ctrl+F11> when the Dell logo appears. Follow the instructions.


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