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Automatic replies under Outlook/Thunderbird

Microsoft Outlook and Thunderbird are among the most popular email client softwares used across the world. Both of them come with built-in features that allow users to set automatic messages during your absence from work.

Enable Automatic Replies under Outlook

  • Click the File menu > Info
  • Click on Automatic Replies (Out of Office).
  • Check Send Automatic Replies
  • From there you can define a time range for the automatic replies by checking the "Only send during this time range" options
  • In the other case, automatic replies will be send until the "Do not send automatic replies" option is checked.
  • You can also define, the type of users who will recieve these messages:
    • Inside My Organization
    • Outside My Organization
  • Save your settings.

Enable Automatic Replies under Mozilla ThunderBird

The procedure is slightly more complicated with Mozilla Thunderbird.
You must first create a new message, then save as a template, such as "Summer Holidays"
Then, open the Tools > Message Filters > New and then complete the following fields:
  • Give a name to your filter (e.g "Summer Holidays")
  • Apply Filter > When receiving mail
  • Select the "validate all the following conditions"
  • Add condition "From" > "Does not contain" > "noreply" to avoid sending an automatic reply to automated messages.
  • Click on the + button to add the second condition: "From" "Contains no" "no-reply".
  • Perform these actions > Reply with Template
  • Select the "Summer Holidays" template, create earlier.

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