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Call of duty 2 (COD2) Bugs

Call of Duty 2 or COD 2 may encounter problems on the Windows Vista OS. This is due to the fact that this FPS video game was released prior to the launch of this OS. Hence to runCOD 2, the installation of patch v1.3 is required after the games's installation, in the administrator mode. To activate the multiplayer mode, manipulations in registration via the control panel need to be done but are meant only for Vista. In Vista again, DirectX 7 should be chosen as the preferred mode of return.


There are some common bugs that occur when playing Call of Duty II on machines running Vista. This is because the game was released before the operating system. Below are some of the bugs and ways to fix them.

Patch Installation

Configure Direct X 10

There are known conflicts between the game and DirectX 10. To solve this problem:
  • Start the game and in Options, choose DirectX 7, as the preferred version to run with
    • There is also a bug with DirectX 9 when using Vista
  • This may affect the graphics quality but it should improve the gameplay overall

Multiplayer Mode

In order to avoid crashes when playing in multiplayer mode:
  • Open Control Panel and go to Sound > Manage audio Devices and deactivate all recording devices

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