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Creating a signature for (Outlook/Thunderbird)

Messaging software such as Outlook and Thunderbird allow you to stick a signature to your messages. This small text, usually very short, give your recipients of information about you: (ex: business contact).
In the Outlook email software, click:
Tools>Options. Select the tab "Mail Format"
At the bottom of this window is the option "Signatures": you can choose to place your signature in new messages, transfers and in the responses, or both categories.
Click on "signatures", then "new"
You can enter your text.
Like Outlook, Thunderbird e-mail software allows you create a personal signature.

You need to open a text file using Notepad (Programs> Accessories> Notepad). Write the signature of your choice and save the file:

  • Open Thunderbird. Select Tools/Account Settings.
  • Select your mail account in the left pane (eg deri@ gmail.com).
  • You should get "Put your signature in the middle of the window. Click on "choose."
  • Select the location of the text file you saved.
  • Created the next message, your signature will automatically appear.

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