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Installing Google Desktop

Getting started

Before using the Google Desktop, you must first download it from the Internet.

  • To do this, click on the link more,
  • on the upper edge of the Google homepage.In the menu that opened, click on the link even more.
  • Finally, in the page that appears, click on Desktop.

A faster method is to simply enter http://desktop.google.com// in the address bar of a Web browser.

The software is available for Mac OS, Linux and Windows (Vista/XP/2000 with SP3). As you are certainly one of many Windows users, simply click the "Install Google Desktop." File download starts after two to three seconds. Once the program back on your hard disk, double-click it to start the installation process. During the latter, you must select the features to install. It is vital to check box for Improved Search to enjoy the extensive search facilities of Google Desktop. The other options are not necessary for you to see if they will be helpful.


Google Desktop works on th same principle as the Google search on the internet. Just type for the file you want to have and Google desktop will automatically search it for you and it will also help you gather new information from the web and keep them organized with gadgets and sidebar.

Some features:

  • Smart Indexing
    • After installation Google Desktop starts indexing the email, files and web history stored on your computer, reducing the access time to these information.
  • Finding Deleted Files
    • Google Desktop creates cached copies of your files aon your PC. ( very useful to recover deleted files or to back up files)
  • Locking feature
    • You can lock temporarily your desktop to prevent anyone from accessing your private files or even to browse the web.

Google Desktop is able to manage multiple Windows accounts. An index is created for any user who activated the software. Therefore, if it is protected by a password, only the account owner will have access to the results obtained through Google Desktop.

The software can not handle multiple sessions open simultaneously. In fact, it will close the current session or stop Google Desktop before opening a new session under a different username.


Once Google Desktop is installed, you can use the Quick Seacrch Bar, simply by hitting the CTRL key twice, it's very efficient and helpful.


A few words of thanks would be greatly appreciated.

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