Canon EOS 350d driver for Windows 7 64-bits

EOS 350D is positioned as one of the entry level digital cameras sporting a single lens reflex feature by Canon. The Canon EOS 350D provides most of the advanced features available, including USB connectivity which is compatible across multiple operating systems such as Windows 7 64-bits. Sometimes, users operating on the Windows 7 64-bits variant may face an issue where the camera is not recognized when connected via USB. This, however, does not mean that there is a problem with the hardware or that there is a requirement for a specific driver for this model of digital camera. This issue can be easily corrected by choosing the correct USB connection mode.


I am looking for the Canon EOS 350d driver for Windows 7 64-bits. My computer does not detect the camera.


Simply change the camera's USB connection mode from "PC" to "Print/PTP".
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