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VirtualBox: Installing client additions under Ubuntu

Once you installed the operating system in VirtualBox, it is recommended to install the client additions.

These are drivers to install in the virtual machine to improve operations such as:
  • Faster graphics display
  • Sharing the clipboard
  • Directories shared between virtual machine and machine real
  • Better management of the cursor

Here's how to install the additions clients in an Ubuntu based virtual machine.
  • Go to "Devices"> "Install client additions ..."
  • The CD icon should appear on the desktop.
  • Open it and copy all files in that folder you created in your home directory. (eg ~ / drivers)
  • Then open a terminal and go into this directory.
  • Switch to root by typing: sudo-s
  • Make the installation script executable by typing: chmod u+x VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
  • Then run the installation by typing: ./VBoxLinuxAdditions.run
  • Allow the installation to continue.
  • Then restart Ubuntu.
  • A small icon will tell you that the support of the cursor is active (meaning that the customer additions are installed).
  • You can now enter and retrieve the cursor from the VirtualBox window without having to press the right CTRL button

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