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NSIS Error : cannot install softwares

There could be a software installation problem when trying to install software with the NSIS installer. If the NSIS cannot install something, the error which occurs could be due to several reasons. For example, improper configuration settings, corrupted installation files, firewalls, viruses, etc. It could also be a NSIS installer issue where the source program to be installed does not have a complete control over the software. Running Scandisk, renaming the software to be installed or running a scan with an antivirus program are just some of the ways to fix the problem. The NSIS cannot install software error can be solved by trying a fresh installation of the software after cleaning the computer.

NSIS Error        

The installer you are trying to use is corrupted or incomplete. This could be the result of a damaged disk, a failed download or a virus.        

You may want to contact the author of this installer to obtain a new copy.        

It may be possible to skip this check using the /NCRC command line switch (NOT RECOMMENDED).

This error can occur when you try to install software using the NSIS installer.

The error message indicates that the installation file does not have the right amount of control, and that the downloaded file is corrupted.

Note: Do not run the installation software from the command line with /NCRC - it's unnecessary and it could only cause you trouble.

Solving this problem

The software you are installing from a CD or DVD

It is likely that your disc is dirty, scratched or damaged. Try cleaning with a soft cloth and suitable cleaning liquid.

The software you want to install has been downloaded from the Internet

Typically the software is to install a single executable file (ie extension. Exe) that you open to install this software.

In this case, try:
A. Clearing your browser cache
B. Visiting the site again to download the software again. Try reinstalling it

If the error persists, try the following methods to fix it.

Important: The problem is that the downloaded file is corrupt, if you apply one of the following methods without downloading the software again, it will not help.

Note: If you have nVidia hardware, try method V first.

I. Close or disable any software download, download manager or download accelerator. Try a new download and a new installation.

II. Rename the downloaded software to install (install.exe or if the display of file extensions is enabled). Try a new download and a new installation.

III. Find out if another website offers the same software for download. Caution: Make sure the site in question is safe. Try a new installation.

IV. Temporarily disable your security system: Antivirus, Firewall and antimalware. Then try a new download and a fresh installation. Do not forget to reactivate the systems you disabled.

V. Check My Computer> Control Panel> Add / Remove Programs to see if software called "nVidia firewall" is installed. If so, uninstall it, reboot, try downloading a new software and then reinstall. If this worked, you will have to install another firewall.

VI. The problem could be caused by a virus or malware. Takes steps to scan your system and remove any infected files.

VII. There could be a fault with the hardware on your network connection:
  • If you are connected with an Ethernet cable, try to change it.
  • If you use a wireless connection, try a wired connection via USB or Ethernet.
  • Try changing your network card or adapter.

VIII. Run Scandisk or another repair tool hard disk. After repair, try a new download and a new installation.

IX. Please download the software from a friend or from another machine, transfer it by using a USB key and then try to install it on your computer. If it works, it means the problem was most likely in the download process and that all your downloads were corrupt.

Source: http://nsis.sourceforge.net/Why_do_I_get_NSIS_Error

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