Fallout New Vegas - ED-E (companion) lost ...

There is a bug in Fallout New Vegas: often ED-E (the flying drone), your companion is no longer by your side.
  • In a normal case, it is possible that you have forgotten it. Indeed, ED-E can not follow you in some place (especially in the camp of the legion,...). It can also get stuck in Vault 22 (a defective door ...).
  • In this case, wait a few days ("T" key: wait) for that ED-E to return toPrimm alone. Note that this also applies to other companions.
  • But sometimes you can hear the character making comment on the robot, but you can't see it, or just, even after several days, no alert is displayed on a possible return to Primm.

To remedy this ...:
  • Update your game. Bethesda Softworks has proposed a number of patches.

  • Open the console with the "square" key
  • Type
    • prid [ID_companion]
    • ([ID_companion should be replaced with the ID of the partner sought, see Appendix at the bottom of the subject) and then press Enter
  • Immediately after, without closing the console, type
    • OpenTeammateContainer 1
  • Transfer the entire inventory, without closing the CONSOLE, then type
    • moveto player
    • (case sensitive), then pressEnter
  • and type
    • resurrect 1
  • and press Enter,
  • Type
    • disable
  • and press Enter
  • Type
    • enable
  • and press Enter

ID companions:
  • For ED-E:
    • normal: 0010c769
    • shielded by CdA: 001732CF
    • improved by followers: 001732D0
  • For Gannon: 0010d8eb
  • For Boone: 00096bce
  • For Raul: 000e6105
  • For Cass: 00135f19
  • For Veronica: 000e32a9
  • For the scribe (Lucky38): 000e32a9

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