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Alternatives for Megaupload

Now that Megaupload, the popular files hosting website associated with the internet, has been closed, its fans are at a loss for obvious reasons. But there is no need to despair if you are one of the the millions of visitors who used the website which allowed streaming of files on Megavideo. It's time for the competitors of Megaupload to make a killing. These are also file hosting and sharing websites, which provide a platform for users to upload and use their documents on the internet. These documents include movies, music and other video files. Some of the competitors available over the internet are RapidShare.com, FileFactory.com, UploadBox.com, MediaFire.com, MixtureCloud.com, etc.

The sudden closure of the file hosting website Megaupload was a surprise, and it will be greatly missed. Indeed, Megaupload with its variation for streaming, Megavideo, totalled over 100 million unique visitors per month.
That's more than enough to leave room for competitors. These sites offer to host and share files. But these platforms, like Megaupload, are also used by Internet users to host documents (music, movies, series, etc.) protected by copyright.
Between legal and illegal services, the most famous sites in competion with Megaupload are:
  • RapidShare.com
  • DepositFiles.com
  • Fileserve.com
  • FileSonic.fr
  • FileFactory.com
  • FilesTube.com
  • UploadStation.com
  • UploadBox.com
  • Bayfiles.com
  • DL.Free.fr
  • MediaFire.com

Alternatively sites like VideoBB.com and MixtureCloud.com have the potential to replace Megavideo.

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