Compaq Presario - Workaround for stubborn wireless button

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If the wireless button of your HP Compaq Presario isn't working properly:
  • Install HP wireless assistant (this will install an icon to windows task bar). I did not have this before.. it's free.. just google it and go to the link for HP wireless assistant..
  • Reboot then double click HP wireless assistant icon in the task bar to open the program window. it will show there is no connectivity, confirming your dilemma
  • Next, hold down the stubborn wireless button (mine is above the F8 key) for 30 seconds and make sure it stays blue (activated/enabled) for the entire time it is depressed
  • Release the button
  • Now, push the same button one time and release immediately. It should switch from orange to blue and REMAIN BLUE! Enabled!

Thanks to dood for this tip.

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