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Erasing a re-writable disc (CD-RW/DVD-RW/DVD+RW)

Using a Re-writable Disc in the form of a CD RW or DVD RW is of great use; you can copy or burn contents multiple times as per the speed of the writing in that media. When there is no more free disk space in the CD or DVD, only then does the contents need to be deleted in order to use it again. There is no need to format a new CD RW or DVD RW in its very first use. The erasing can be done by using popular burning software like Nero Burning Rom, Burn At Once, Super Blank, Sonic Digital Media, Deep Burner, or even with CD Burner XP.

It is not necessary to format a rewritable disc in the first use.
  • However, when data is recorded on rewritable media and there is no more space available, it is necessary to delete the contents again to burn new data.

Using Nero Burning Rom

  • In the Recorder menu, use the Erase rewritable disc. Nero then proposes two options:
  • Erasing rewritable disc to quickly clear the data and free space. Nevertheless, it is possible with specialized tools to recover deleted data.
  • Completely erase the rewritable disc, to securely delete the data - this takes much longer. This method is used when the disc contains data.

Using BurnAtOnce

Using Super Blank

  • Download link
  • Select the drive name (if you have several)
  • Erase with Blank

Using Sonic DigitalMedia Home

Using Deep Burner

  • Download Link
  • Run the software and click on the small "Erase Rewritable Disc" button (Disc with 2 green arrows).

Using CD Burner XP

  • Download link
  • Run the software and the option is directly offered.

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