Excel - Find word within certain lookup reference

April 2018

I need help to solve this problem.
Example :
Cell A1 : "cost of electricity" Cell B1 : "$100"  
Cell A2 : "telephone charges" Cell B2 : "$75"  
Cell A3 : "travel cost" Cell B3 : "$150" 

I want to classify in Cell C1, C2, C3 with certain lookup reference as:
Cell E1 : Electricity Cell F1 : "General Cost"  
Cell E2 : Telephone Cell F2 : "General Cost"  
Cell E3 : Travel Cell F3 : "Travel Expenses" 

Put this formula in column G:
=IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("electricity",A1)),IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("telephone",A1)),IF(ISERROR(SEARCH("travel",A1)),"No results",3),2),1)  

Put this formula in column C:
=IF(G1="No results","No results",VLOOKUP(IF(G1=1,"electricity",IF(G1=2,"telephone",IF(G1=3,"travel",""))),$E$1:$F$3,2,FALSE)) 

Keep in mind that you can hide column G or make its text color white to keep your sheet clean.

Thanks to TrowaD for this tip.
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